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There are some months that I prefer more than others, and there are definitely beauty items that You must-have for my natural hair as an African American woman.  The Fall and Winter Months are not my natural hair friends. I wanted to share a few things I do to protect my natural hair during these months.  Natural hair must be armed for the winter season, especially when it comes to retaining moisture.  Here are my January must-haves for my natural hair and keeping moisture in my hair while keeping that dryness at bay!

Winter Months are Harder on Natural Hair

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We can probably all agree that winter is a crazy time for natural hair. As a child, frigid weather used to get me excited.  Usually snow and freezing temperatures meant no school, blankets, s’mores and cuddling up in a nice warm house.  This may be a livable dream to our young natural hair sisters, but for the grown and mature hair sisters, the lotto skipped us.  For 99.9 percent of us curly-haired beauties, we have to venture out into the cold to do what we do best: Take care of business. This means that our natural hair will be exposed to those wicked elements, and if we aren’t careful, can add to the daily beating our hair receives.

Our Natural Hair Can Survive Frigid Weather With T-L-C

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As with the maintenance of anything, tender loving care definitely needs to be applied, especially when conditions for natural hair grow harsh.  Here are some words of wisdom for caring for your hair while waiting for the cold weather to pass, as well as the items I must have in the Winter:  

  •   Naturalistas, Do Not Be Afraid to Clip Those Ends: The whole natural hair care Image result for goody scissorscommunity may scream at me for this one, but I hate clipping my ends.  So much so that I delay it for months upon months if I can.  But I have to be honest.  In wintertime, especially during this unusual cold spell, I’ve seen the benefit of having my ends clipped.  That’s why my Goody Styling Essentials Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors takes the cake as my number one Winter must have .

  • Retain That Moisture girl , Natural Hair Types Cannot Live Without It! Contrary to popular belief, heat is not the only element that can spell disaster for natural hair sisters. Surprisingly, in cold climates, our natural hair loses moisture much faster than in warmer climates. 

  • Did I Mention That Protective Styles are Necessary for Natural Hair Types During this Season? Protective styles will be a natural hair care sister’s best friend during the winter months.  Keep your ends safe from that harsh mother we call the environment . Put a lid on those curls if need be.  That’s why socks (Yes socks) donuts and Beanies are part of my Winter must-haves .  Socks-Used as a substitute bun maker; Donut bun makers (<—Click link to watch on youtube) and Knit beanies (and I bet you thought I was talking about food!).

    Yes, winter can be especially cruel to our natural hair.  However, there is a way to combat this.  That’s why, for my Winter must-haves , I choose to focus and care for my tresses by sealing in moisture (most important natural hair tip of the century) and tucking those curly ends away.   What are some ways naturalistas can protect their hair?  What are some things that your hair cannot live without in the winter months?

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