Mid-Length Hair Care Tips for Longer, Stronger & Healthy Hair

Do you sometimes find yourself searching for the newest and hottest trend in natural hair care tips?  This phenomenon is often inspired by seeing other Naturalistas achieving maximum growth and length while you are still struggling to achieve bra strap length.

  This is not to say we will try  all  of the natural hair care tips available, but it is rewarding to be able to draw ideas from others, to incorporate diverse techniques. What do you have to  lose?  Certainly not your hair.  Here are some mid-length natural hair care tips for your natural hair.

Why Join Culture?

Ahhh!  You’ve reached the mid-way mark and then that dreadful moment dawns on you…you realize you’ve hit a plateau. Many of us can relate. When did it begin for you?

Here is one persons story:“After years of putting a damaging perm in my hair, I wanted to get back to the length my hair was in middle school:  About 2 inches shy of waist length.  Progress was slow, but after months and then years of strictly adhering to all of the natural hair care tips and secrets, I hit a plateau my freshman year in college.  I had reached about an inch below bra-strap length, and have never gone any farther since.”

This is a common struggle among Naturalistas.  But what is it that stunts growth retention?  For someone who’s reached mid-length (Bra-strap), how can we continue to promote healthy and longer hair after a long stay in the  plateau  zone?

 1.    Mid-Length Natural Hair Care Tip #1: Lay off the heat!   Heat is one of the biggest contributor to our natural hair plateau. Take the healthy hair challenge, vow to never use heat on your hair again.  This may seem unrealistic, but it is definitely achievable.  This may be hard; but, determine not to straighten, blow dry or  perm (ESPECIALLY PERM)  your hair again.

2. Mid-Length Natural Hair Care Tip #2: Satin All Around .   Satin pillows, satin bonnets and satin head wraps are where it’s at.  The satin material aids in moisture retention and prevents unwanted tangling. Not to mention, satin material prevents hair from snagging in the fibers of traditional bedding spreads. 

3.   Mid-Length Natural Hair Care Tip #3: Lay off the dye . No matter how you spin it, dyes change the composition of the hair, and this may lead to breakage and hair damage.  This is not to knock dying altogether.  If you choose to change your tresses make certain that you keep it heavily moisturized. Keep in mind, hair that is dyed will require you to take special measure in caring for it.

Of course this is by no means your complete one-stop-shop for all of your length retention and hair growth needs.  There are many more methods to growing hair that is mid-length, longer and stronger.  But, the most important things is to be patient, and learn to pick up your hair’s distress signals. Have you ever found yourself at a hair length plateau? Share your natural mid-length hair care tips with us!


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