Contracting with “The Boot”

*Your journey as a vendor for the state of Louisiana, should begin by reviewing the Vendor Guide. It can be downloaded at Here, you will find the state’s ethical standards, procurement statutes, rules, and regulations. It also contains information about registration, procurement methods, bids, awards, and performance expectations. 

*The next step is to explore the LED (Louisiana Economic Development) special programs for small business. Certification programs, such as the Hudson Initiative, put you at the forefront for several prime and subcontracting opportunities. The Mentor-Protégé Recognition Program will allow you to cultivate relationships, while giving you access to the experience and expertise of seasoned mentor companies who have built sustainable and profitable businesses.

*Once you have completed an exhaustive search and application processes for all LED programs for which you qualify, it’s time to make your way to the LaPAC system – that is, the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network. This is where you will petition for vendor registration via the enrollment portal. When registering, be sure to utilize the UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products & Services) commodity codes, to ensure correct product category classification. The Office of State Procurement solicits bids to vendors based on these commodity codes. Check and double check that your goods and/or services are accurately classified. 

*Network and build foundational relationships with the State Purchasing officers, product users, and seasoned prime contractors. Having the “lowest responsible bid” does not guarantee an award. You must make yourself seen and do a reasonable amount of marketing, in the form of meaningful professional connections. 

*As you browse open bids, be cautious and ensure your business has the resources, product availability, and manpower to meet the requested criteria. Defaulting on a contract may result in cancellation and excessive charges which can surpass the original contract price. A job well done, in a timely manner, is the ultimate goal.

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