Are African American Women Supporting Slavery with our thirst for longer hair?|read time 3mins|

Been wondering why that long 30inch weave is out of stock?  How about those 40-inch braids down your back?  CNN obtained multiple testimonies of people who escaped from slave camps who say they were tortured, forced to shave hair bald to sell, sexually assaulted, and forced to undergo sterilization procedures.

CNN’s leaked Chinese documents showed people had been sent to a camp for perceived violations, ranging from wearing a headscarf to having too many children.

According to CNN, in September, US Customs and Border Protection announced a Withhold Release Order (WRO) on any incoming shipments of hair from China! In June, a similar situation called for the seizure of 13 TONS of HUMAN HAIR worth $800,000. Wait a minute, 13 TONS?? Ok, this is a little crazy.  This could be actually 13 tons of hair STOLEN from someone’s head!  Is that crazy or what? For me, I’m just glad to have my natural hair with my own personal natural hair growth strategies!  So no slave hair for me.. but anyway… I digress.   Now, where were we?

Chinese companies were caught posting advertisements boasting about the obedience and hard work of their “government-sponsored” workers (uhh.. slaves). Based on these reports, one can assume the human hair that we are purchasing is either being manufactured in these labor camps or worse, it could be stolen from a woman who was held down and forced to have her hair shaved!

With black hair care and hair extensions being a booming business, it only makes sense to take advantage of cheap labor or materials. Right? Wrong!!! This is genocide and slavery!! Who would’ve thought we’d still be dealing with these types of barbaric acts today?

You’re probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with me”? As black women, we spend NINE TIMES more money on hair and beauty than any other race. If you think about it, when we buy hair or hair products made in China, we indirectly support forced labor.

As African Americans, we know the history of slavery; we have heard the tales, read the books, and watched the movies. To this day, we are still haunted by the horrid past of our ancestors. Given our painful history surrounding slavery, it’s kind of ironic that WE are indirectly aiding in the exploitation of these women.

I’m not saying you should boycott your local beauty supply store; however, you may want to research those beautiful bundles’ origins. Who knows, you just may be walking around with hair grown and stolen from a woman in one of these Chinese slave camps.

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