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I’ve traveled the world from Asia to Europe. Travel usually starts with understanding your vacation style whether it is relaxing on a beach, devouring cultural cuisine, or hanging out partying with friends, and the locals.

  1. Things A Black woman should know about Cabo (The Basics)

Cabo San Lucas is situated at the southernmost point of the California Baja Peninsula, and it falls second to Cancun as the most popular tourist spot in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is two cities, San Jose del Cabo if you are ready to party and Los Cabos if you want to relax on the beach.

  1. Best time for Black women to Visit

San Lucas is mostly desert and you won’t have to worry about being stuck in your hotel due to rain, however winter nights can get a bit chilly. Although you won’t have to worry about much rain, you will want to take note that you may have gotten that big discount due to Hurricane season which lasts from June to late November.

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  1. Places to stay (for Black folk)

There’s an extensive range of accommodations from luxury to budget-friendly. I recommend staying at the Grand Fiesta Americana -Los Cabos Golf & Spa, a luxurious all-inclusive resort located in Cabo del Sol. This resort is suitable for both couples and families. There’s even a secluded beach for private photoshoots or maybe you would like to explore coral reefs and other phenomenal sites while snorkeling.

  1. Things for Black women to do

Cabo Arch

The Cabo Arch is a large island arching rock structure that erupts from the ocean where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. This is the main attraction for Cabo San Lucas. You can cruise from the Los Cabos Marina to the Arch for as little as $20. Some hotels provide different tourist packages, so definitely check for deals. While visiting the Arch, you can also relax on Lovers Beach, where you can enjoy the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez, snorkel, and take Instagram worthy photos. Be sure to relieve yourself before heading that way, on Lovers Beach it’s all about love and less about bathrooms.

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ATV Desert Tour

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, an ATV Desert tour is a MUST. I’d recommend taking a private Tour with Amigos Cabos Moto Rent. While feeling a cool breeze, you’ll see cactus, wild horses, mountains, and even drive through a dry riverbed and a beautiful unearthed beach. Ok sistas, bring a scarf to wrap your hair in because the sand from the desert, girl it’s a mess to clean. Don’t forget to carry some cash as you’ll have to pay a $20 entrance fee.


When I first arrived in Cabo, I got a very relaxed vibe, so I didn’t expect the nightlife to be anything special, but boy was I wrong! The nightlife and Cabo are phenomenal! I only went out one night, and it was surely a night to remember. A few ladies I met during the ATV dry riverbed ride decided we would all go bar hopping. We hit up two spots, the O CLUB and Mandalas. Both had a combined collection of Techno/House music and Hip-hop. O Club was a bit crowded but had an amazing ambiance, while Mandalas was a bit more expensive but had more of an upscale feel but whatever your style either of these will be a hit.

  1. Where to eat (Black People style!)

I’m a bit of a picky eater, and sometimes I struggle to find meals to satisfy my tastebuds. However, I was not disappointed while in Cabo. There were 9 restaurants at my hotel, and I enjoyed them all! But of course, while being in a foreign country, it is only right to eat where the locals eat. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about a restaurant named The Office. The Office sits right on the beach; not only do you have a view of the ocean, but they’ve also got live performances every night.

Overall I loved Cabo! It’s romantic yet adventuristic, relaxed but has plenty of places just to let loose! I enjoyed Cabo so much that I almost extended my stay. If you are looking for a vacation that fits your vacation style, Cabo San Lucas is surely up for the challenge.

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